Download Cartoon HD Apk App For Android & iOS(iPhone/iPad) To Watch Latest Movies For Free

Cartoon HD App: The name is a bit misleading for it might make you think that the app is only for watching cartoons and animated videos. But, Cartoon HD is about watching just about everything that is TV. It is a free video streaming app with a huge collection of top TV shows and movies including Suits, Flash, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, The Wolverine, Dexter and so much more. It is indeed one of the best movie streaming apps you will find for your Android device.

Cartoon HD app gives you access to the movies and full episodes of the TV shows for free. You don’t need a Pay-TV subscription in order to watch your favorite content. It has just about everything that you could ask for including the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows and the recently available movies. All in all, it is one awesome movie streaming app to have.

cartoon hd app download for android

Cartoon HD allows you to download the video content on your device. You can watch these videos at the time of your convenience even when you are offline. The app elements are very well laid out allowing smooth and quick navigation. It is lightweight and offers fast video streaming. In this guide, we will learn how you can install this app on your Android device.

How To Install Cartoon HD App On Android?

Cartoon HD app was removed from Google Play Store so we will not go looking for it there. We will work our way through a workaround and use the Cartoon HD APK file for the installation. This is also called side-loading, which lets you install third-party apps on the Android device.

So, the very first thing we need is to download Cartoon HD APK file. This file can be easily found on the internet but you may not know which site to trust. This is why we have the Cartoon HD latest APK for you. Follow these steps to get it:

  • Open a browser on your Android smartphone or tablet
  • Tap HERE to download the APK file

We will use this APK file to get Cartoon HD for Android. But, before we get started with the installation process, we will need to enable the Unknown Sources. Why do we need to do this? Our Android devices are set up to prevent any unauthorized, third-party installations for safety and security purposes. They block the installation from Unknown Sources by default. But, Cartoon HD APK download is safe and that is why we will bypass this security feature by following these steps:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Go to Security
  • There will be a toggle or check box with ‘Unknown Sources’ option; do what is needed to enable this option

check unkown sources app to download and install cartoon hd app on android

These steps may vary slightly depending upon your device.

Installation Process Of Cartoon HD Apk On Android:

Now we have everything we need to complete the Cartoon HD app download on the Android device. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Open the folder in which you saved the APK file. You could expect to find it in the Downloads folder. But, it may also be in the APK folder. Use the Explorer app to navigate
  • Run the file so that it can unpack
  • If you see a confirmation, tap ‘Install’

click on install option to start the installation process of cartoon hd app on android

This will complete the installation of the Cartoon HD update version. It won’t take too long. You can now go ahead and enjoy awesome movies and TV shows on your device.

Know The Alternatives To Cartoon HD Movie Streaming App:

Cartoon HD is a great app and usually works fine on most Android devices. But, sometimes it acts a little buggy and this could get a little frustrating. Also, we cannot expect one movie app to have all the TV shows and videos streaming at the same time. So, if any content is missing on Cartoon HD, you would like to look up for its alternatives. Here are some of them.

  1. Cinema Box HD:

If you love watching movies, you will definitely love Cinema Box HD. There is absolutely no denying that it is one of the best offerings to the movie mavens. It is also one of the very few cross-platform movie streaming apps that are available on Android and iOS both. It has a great looking interface which offers easy navigation and browsing. Cinema Box HD offers support for Chromecast allowing you to watch the movies on the large screen of your TV. Just like Cartoon HD, you need to download it using the ‘side-loading’ process.

cinema box hd app - cartoon hd app alternative

  1. MegaBox HD:

MegaBox HD is also one of the finest movie streaming apps you will find today. Ever since its release, it has become a huge success. It has been downloaded hundreds of thousand times. This lightweight app has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and other video content. Even though it does not offer full HD streaming, it is still a wonderful app for your Android device.

megabox hd app to watch latest movies for free

  1. ShowbBox:

It is impossible to not mention Showbox app when we are talking about the top movie streaming apps. This app is easily the best alternative to Cartoon HD. The vast collection of content, HD playback, intuitive interface, and high-speed streaming are some of the top features of Showbox. The app also lets you download the video content on your device so that you can watch them later even when you are not connected to the internet.

showbox movie streaming app - cartoon hd alternative

  1. Crackle:

Unlike the other 3 apps we have put on this list so far, Crackle does not require side-loading as it is available on Google Play Store and iTunes & App Store. Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment and many like to call it the tiny version of Netflix. It does not have a huge collection but it has some nice selection. It lets you stream live TV on your mobile device.

crackle free movies app - best cartoon hd alternative

  1. Popcornflix:

The name of the app itself is the big give away of what you can expect from this app. Popcornflix is a movie streaming app with over one thousand movies. This does not look like too big but the good news is that the developers keep updating the content frequently and there is always something new to watch. The app is completely free of cost and offers high-speed streaming. It is also available only on Android.

popcornflix app to watch latest movies for free - cartoon hd alternative app

6. Terrarium TV:

Terrarium TV is the latest app which was released just a few months back. TerrariumTv is providing the best sources and the user interference is awesome compared to the all the above movies apps. Know more about Terrarium Tv.


There are many movie streaming apps around. But, Cartoon HD has certainly made its presence felt. With a decent collection of video content, this app is becoming one of the preferred choices of the movie lovers. Cartoon HD can be downloaded using the APK file. In case you are looking for more apps like Cartoon HD, there are various alternatives available.

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